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The BuckMister Programmable Scent Dispersal System

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The BuckMister

The BuckMister™ is the first and only self contained, fully programmable electronic scent dispenser. What makes the BuckMister™ so unique is our “patent pending” clock and timer. With this technology the hunter can literally preprogram the BuckMister™ days, weeks, and even months in advance of their hunt and have the option to preprogram up to 99 exact times and dates they would like to disperse scent. Another exclusive feature of the BuckMister™ is our on-board “count-down timer”. After all 99 misting dates have been stored the “count-down timer” will let the hunter know the exact time and date them must return to replace the Buckbomb™ scent canister. The amazing thing is all of these exclusive features have been packed into one small, easy to transport; durable plastic housing that is completely waterproof. Needless to say we at OldFaithful Outdoors™ have created the ultimate scent dispersal system… the BuckMister™!

Over the last 10-15 years there has been an explosion of deer scents in the hunting market. There is no doubt that scents work in attracting deer, which offers the hunter an advantage. However the way they are dispersed, applied and stored is not effective. To apply these scents the hunter is forced to pour the messy and stinky scent on their boots, clothing, drag rag, or hanging device and then walk around their hunting area minutes before they hunt. This approach not only leads to unwanted noise but also human scent contamination. The hunters that use this approach and keep the ever-changing wind in their favor have some success with scents. However there are vast majority of hunters that experience no success with scents, in fact a lot of hunters have all together quit using scents because they think it’s a waste of time and money. It has been proven that most scents work in attracting deer therefore it was not the scent that didn’t work but the way they were applied that failed them. The good news for all hunters is we at OldFaithful Outdoors™ have the solution for them…the BuckMister™ scent dispersal system.

In the last few years many hunting companies have realized the importance and effectiveness of aerosol scents. One of the most notable aspects of aerosols is they are mess free and they have limited waste. They are also very easy to store and transport which makes them more user friendly. Realizing that aerosols are vastly becoming the way of the future in regards to deer scents, some companies have developed their own version of an electronic scent dispersal system. Where these companies went wrong was not taking the time to really think about what the hunter wants and needs to be effective when applying scents. For example, all other electronic scent dispersal systems besides the BuckMister™ disperse scent on increment settings. What this means is the scent is being dispersed every 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With no way to postpone or schedule the dispersal of scent, it is usually long gone before the hunter makes it back to his/her stand. Another major problem with these devices is the scent is being dispersed at night, which will actually train and condition deer to become nocturnal.

Since we have designed the BuckMister™ to be fully programmable the hunter can literally preprogram, in advance, the exact times and dates of his/her planned hunt(s). This will ensure the hunter has fresh scent at his/her stand, virtually eliminate human scent contamination, and actually train and condition deer to visit his/her stand only when he/she plans on hunting.

Ask your local sporting goods or outdoor retailer for The BuckMister! If they don't have it yet, suggest they visit our website and contact us.


The BuckMister™ Advantages:
Eliminates human scent contamination by allowing the hunter to put the unit in the woods days, weeks, and even months in advance and leave the hunting area to allow the human scent to dissipate.

Train and condition deer to visit your hunting area when you want them there. By programming the BuckMister™ to disperse scent a few days in advance of your hunt you can actually train and condition bucks that a “Hot Doe” is in the area, fooling him to make repeat visits to find the “Hot Doe”.

Count down timer lets the hunter know the exact time and date they must return to refill the scent, which cuts down on repeat visits to the hunting area.

The only time the BuckMister™ will disperse scent is when you set it to mist, resulting in no waste.

With the use of BuckBomb™ aerosol scent canister you will experience no messy spills, all you have to do is place the BuckBomb™ in the unit, and set your misting sessions and walk away only to return to hunt.

By being able to preprogram the days you want the BuckMister™ to mist scent you can always ensure you have fresh scent at your stand only when you want it there. Other scent dispersal systems disperse scent on increment setting…every 5, 10, 50, or 30 minutes. The downfall to this approach is the scent will not last as long and the scent will be dispersed at night which will actually train and condition bucks to become nocturnal.

The BuckMister™ is constructed of a very durable plastic housing that is completely waterproof and was designed for the harsh outdoors environment.

Because we choose the BuckBomb™ as our exclusive scent partner the hunter will have over 14 scent flavors to meet all their seasonal and game needs.

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The BuckMister Promo Video



The BuckMister Programmable Scent Dispersal System

Inside of the BuckMister Programmable Scent Dispersal System

Designed exclusively for use with the Buck Bomb brand hunting scents

Designed exclusively for use with the Buck Bomb brand hunting scents
The BuckMister Programmable Scent Dispersal System

The BuckMister installed on a tree

Prgramming buttons

The BuckMister's clock

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The BuckMister Tour

The BuckMister™ Functions:
- Clock and Timer with minute, hour, day, and month.
- 99 pre-programmable misting times and dates
- Count down timer: Keeps track of the number of mists that have already gone off
- Fully water proof housing
- Element resistant dark brown tree-bark texture to blend into the environment.
- Buckbomb™ aerosol scents (multiple options to meet all seasonal and game needs)

Programming Clock:
- Install (2) C-type batteries (not included)
- Turn on
- Press Menu (Clock prompt will flash)
- Use ▲▼ to set Month Press Confirm
- Use ▲▼ to set Day Press Confirm
- Use ▲▼ to set Hour Press Confirm
- Use ▲▼ to set Minute Press Confirm
- CLOCK is Set

Storing Mist:
- Press menu twice (Program prompt will flash) (Setting prompt will flash (01) the setting button tells which mist you are programming and how many have been stored.
- Use ▲▼ to set month Press Confirm
- Use ▲▼ to set Day Press Confirm
- Use ▲▼ to set Hour Press Confirm
- Use ▲▼ to set Minute Press Confirm
- First mist is stored (wait 15 seconds if finished storing mists)
- Press ▲ to go to 2nd mist and so on.
- Repeat for up to 99 1-second mists

Viewing Stored Mist:
- Press Menu twice (Program prompt will flash) (Setting prompt will flash (01)
- Press Confirm to scroll to (setting 01-99)
- Use ▲▼ to view each setting/mist
- Use Storing Mist sequence to change desired setting/mist


The BuckMister utilizes the Buckbomb scent line with over multiple flavors of scent, which can be used during all seasons and for a wide variety of game. (For more details on the variety of scents available visit www.thebuckbomb.com).

The BuckMister’s high flow nozzle is designed to mist approximately 3 times more scent per burst than the original Buckbomb nozzle. Therefore you will only get approximately 50 mists per Buckbomb canister while in use with the BuckMister. Please take this into consideration when programming your BuckMister... if you program 99 mists you will need to replace the Buckbomb after the first 50 mists.

The BuckMister has been designed with a 24-hour clock and timer.


Attach the unit at least 3-4 feet off the ground for maximum scent dispersion.

If possible place the unit in the woods at least 2-4 days in advance of your hunt to let your human scent dissipate.

Program the unit to dispense scent when you plan on hunting.

For best attracting power, program the unit to mist every 20 minutes while on stand.


Place the BuckMister near scrapes; rub lines, field edges, corners, funnels, draws, etc.

Program the unit to mist lightly a few days in advance of your hunt. (7:00am-9:00am every 30 minutes) Doing so will create the illusion that a hot doe is frequenting the area, fooling bucks to make repeat visits to find the hot doe.

Program the unit to start misting every 10-20 minutes while on stand. Misting more frequently will create a sense of urgency and cause competition between bucks.

Use combinations of scent flavors to create the illusion that a Dominate Buck and Hot Doe are in the area.

For early season try vanilla, doe pee, and young buck scents. These scents are designed to create curiosity.

For pre-rut and rut use Dominate Buck or Doe Estrous.

For Bears and Hogs try one of the curiosity scents like Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Anise Oil, Etc.


Never face loaded unit towards face, eyes, or skin.

Scents may cause skin and eye irritation. If it contacts skin wash with water. If it contacts eyes flush thoroughly with water.

Damage may occur to the gears and hammer if unit dry-fires without a canister. Always have canister and nozzle in unit if it is programmed to go off.

OldFaithful Outdoors LLC takes no responsibility for Buckbomb products. Please read all warnings and suggestive uses for the Buckbomb on the label or at their website. OldFaithful Outdoors and the Buckbomb are separate entities.

Extreme temperatures may alter mist range and dispersal amount of Buckbomb canisters.

Buckbomb canisters are under pressure, do not puncture or store in extreme temperatures.

Only use the approved nozzle that is included with your BuckMister. Using an unapproved nozzle will void your warranty. If you need more nozzles please contact OldFaithful Outdoors or visit www.oldfaithfulproducts.com

Be careful when removing and installing the BuckMister’s specialty nozzle. Use pliers, dull knife, or screwdriver to remove the original Buckbomb nozzle. Replace with supplied BuckMister nozzle.

When installing the BuckMister nozzle, turn nozzle in circular motion around valve stem until sung…make sure to turn nozzle away from body, face, and eyes. After stem is sung press the nozzle 1-3 times to make sure it is tight.

When installing the Buckbomb canister into the BuckMister make sure that the nozzle hole is pointed straight out of the misting hole located on the front faceplate.


OldFaithful Outdoors warranties all manufacturers defects for up to 90 days. Please visit www.thebuckmister.com to register for your product warranty and promotional information. (note: you must register you warranty within 30-days of original purchase)

BuckMister Quick Guide click for printable version

BuckMister Warranty & Tips click for printable version

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The BuckMister FAQ's

What is the BuckMister and how can I get one? 
The BuckMister is an electronic scent disperser. You can find one @ www.theBuckMister.com or at your local outdoor store.

What type of programming capabilities does the BuckMister have? 
The BuckMister can be programmed days, weeks, and even months in advance of your hunt and placed in the woods to be left alone until you arrive. (see about BuckMister tab for complete info)

How many days can you program the BuckMister to disperse scent? 
The BuckMister’s clock and timer is designed to store 99 exact misting times and dates. However our high-flow valves only allow the canisters to produce around 50 mists even though the BuckMister can be programmed for 99 mists)

Is the BuckMister going to stand up to the outdoors? 
The BuckMister was designed and developed for the harsh outdoor environment.

How will the BuckMister help me bag my next buck? 
The BuckMister will help you by minimizing eliminate human scent contamination. By simply placing the BuckMister in the woods days or weeks in advance of your hunt you can guarantee to always have fresh scent in your area and eliminate human scent contamination. The BuckMister can also help you by educating and conditioning Bucks that a “hot doe” is frequently visiting “his” area fooling him to make repeat visits to find the “hot doe”.

How much does the BuckMister cost? 
The retail price of the BuckMister is $69.95.

What comes with the BuckMister?  
Each unit comes with adaptor nozzles, bungee cord, and complete instruction manual. 

What is an adaptor nozzle? 
If you have ever used the BuckBomb you have noticed that the scent shoots in an upward direction and their nozzle can be locked in place to make it a bomb. As for the BuckMister we want our scent to shoot out of out misting hole on the front of the unit. Therefore we have designed a special high flow nozzle so the BuckBomb will mist properly.

Does OldFaithful Outdoors sell any other products?  
OFO has numerous hunting and fishing product to meet the need of the most demanding outdoorsman. Check out our site from time to time for updates on new product availability. If you have any ideas or suggestion of products you would like to see please feel free to let us know.

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